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I got about 300 words into an email message to a more experienced trail runner than I, asking for advice on whether I should plan on a 25k in April – in Minnesota, when I decided to just suck it up, pick a first race and a plan, and get out running.

Complaints that got me writing included “it’s too damn slippery,” “yo my lower limit is positive double-digit degrees, factoring IN wind chill” and “the idea of watching the Mississippi freeze is more attractive that that of 2 hours on a dreadmill.” They’re all valid but they enmire me. I just have to figure out what I want to do.

So, I went out and I ran yesterday, over lunch. It helped that it was 25 out, and sunny, but it was plenty slippery in spots, and plenty of work. Still, so much fun. A nice jump-start to my 2008 run plans. A great justification to the tasty pasta dish we fixed for dinner, later.

The Trail Mix race looks fun, but I may have to alter my April vacation plans, to do it. Hmmm. There’s a half-marathon out near where we’ll be traveling, at that time (in a warmer part of the country I might add). Maybe.


2 thoughts on “Hem haw

  1. I liked Trail Mix, but then again, I won it (the 50K, not the 25K). I’m not sure I’ll do it this year, though. It was VERY muddy last year, so “too damn slippery” is relative.

  2. 2+ hours of battling mud isn’t for the weak-willed, that’s for sure. But it would be a good way to build that will. I will be traveling in NC the prior week, and just found out about a half marathon nearby that looks appealing: t-shirt value alone is pretty appealing!I think my main concern is that if surface (and air) conditions continue to be so nasty, I’m going to end up logging most of my miles before that race on a treadmill. So, a flat pavement course in Virginia is more appealing than Trail Mix for a variety of reasons.

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