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Still dark out

Broco on 3/25/09, originally uploaded by arahbahn.

If I had known that starting broccoli seeds would provide such near-instant gratification, I would have tried them years ago. They came up in 3 days! This put a grin on my face for a good 2 hours last night. I’m very excited about our vegetable garden this summer, although I find myself still giving those seedlings the benefit (?) of my doubt that they will survive transplanting. Or even thinning. Damn near all of the seeds I put into that dirt have sprouted!

I think I saw tomato and basil sproutlets, this morning, as well.

Yesterday marked the first morning in this calendar year that I’ve gotten up before work to go for an outside run. And although it’s only March, I was still surprised that it was still dark out by the time I got back (around 6:30) from doing 5 miles. It felt great, though! What a great way to start a day. As I returned I entertained the idea of trying it daily. Later on in the day, I came to my senses and remember that my method of staving off injury is to not run consecutive days, so today will be a walk and/or power yoga class day.