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Harmony in a cookie

Buttermilk Does It Again, originally uploaded by arahbahn.

If the reentry into the week on Mondays is especially painful, is that a measure of how good the weekend was? Wow, today has been rough. It was a normal, busy weekend, but I fit in a few things (*) that I haven’t done in awhile, too.

I did a little (or enough, as the case may be) of all of these, this weekend:

  • Participated in a somewhat relaxing Iyengar yoga class disguised as a Les Mills BodyFlow class.
  • At some home-delivered pizza.
  • Sleep.
  • Fixed and ate old-fashioned oatmeal. And bacon.
  • A walk in the neighborhood, sans iPod. Avec oiseux.
  • Admiring crocus. White, yellow, and purple ones.
  • Picked up some hemmed pants at the tailor.
  • Found a new back-up plan for the Blue Door (in the Groveland Tap).
  • Ate pierogies and sampled a Lagunitas IPA (at Groveland Tap), with hubbie and 2 friends.
  • Bumped into, and got some great new music suggestions from, an old friend, while grocery shopping.
  • Baked cookies from a new recipe.
  • Read some of the new Runner’s World issue. Ignored the newbie tips.
  • Thinned the veggie seedlings.
  • A 75-minute CorePower yoga class at a studio I hadn’t been to, before.
  • Made Pizza Primavera.
  • More sleep.
  • Admired April snow.
  • Met a guy who, by 10am, had already run 20 miles at the park.
  • And wished him Happy Birthday.
  • An hour’s run in, and on, April snow.
  • With friends.*
  • Met some more uber studs in the local ultra running scene while sharing cookies at a birthday potluck.
  • One of whom had made around 90 pancakes, that morning.
  • Ate smoked salmon. And an oil-cured olive.
  • Sang Happy Birthday for a stranger.*
  • Shopped for fun foods at Trader Joe’s.
  • Managed to avoid buying more chocolate, at same (my stash overfloweth).
  • Decided NOT to go furniture shopping.
  • LUSH bubble bath. Flavor: Auntie Pamela.
  • Finished the PRAY portion of “Eat, Pray, Love.”
  • Finally watched, and really enjoyed, the film “Milk.” *
  • Baked more cookies from a new recipe (see photo above).
  • Played a little World of Warcraft with hubbie: leveled my human warrior up to 21 and earned some phat loot.*
  • Lit candle, and incense, then used a “Yoga for Runners” podcast for a some evening practice.
  • Iced the aforementioned cookies. Oops, one broke, had to taste-test it. Confirmed that the recipe was good.
  • More sleep. Uninterrupted, even.
  • Enjoyed a home-made soy macchiato.
  • Reattached a button on some favorite pants.*

See, husband, I am aware of all to crazy stuff I do actually accomplish, regardless of whatever the original plan (or vague hope) was!