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Mondays. Meh. They are often riddles wrapped in a enigmas, topped with whipped cream and peanuts. And I seem to be becoming dairy- and legume- intolerant.

Longer-terms goals that I have set, and then achieved, by setting and achieving a series of smaller goals:

  • Degree from a competitive liberal arts college. Done.
  • Change (or rather, create… my 20s were unguided) a career path, by enrolling in art school, then either going into design or photography field. Done.
  • Buy a house. Done.
  • Climb a mountain. Done.
  • Pull off a remote wedding (and lose 20 lbs in order to wear a certain dress at said wedding). Done.

Longer-terms goals I’m working on:

  • Teach something.
  • Own my own business.
  • Make yoga a daily practice.
  • Face my home maintenance projects with confidence and (hopefully growing) skill.
  • Build my web programming skills, so that I am more fully a “web designer” (or “devigner”).

Explainer: I’m having trouble deciding what race to run next, if any, before mid-October. In the above list, I don’t have an obvious running-related goal. Competitive running could be the disease, if yoga needs to be an ointment to something more than mouse-pushing and general desk- and management- job stress. The fact that I need some cardio remains, and running is an option, as I enjoy it, a few times a week.

So, as I’m feeling healthy, running in general can fit into the picture, but how about racing? Does it fit into my goals? Or is racing part of a bigger pattern, which I need to maintain in order to have the focus to achieve the long-term goals I do set? Or does it fit in, anywhere? Competition does have its value, holistically.

I’m quite confident that in the end, I will decide to Just Do It. It feels good. If a race is part of that, so be it.

This is where I thank the friends and family who have helped me formulate and achieve my goals:
I could not have done them without you and please stick around because I still need you.