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Gorilla Fingers

This weekend afforded a little bit of everything, but above all I am glad that I was able to finally tend to the yard. We cleared away quite a bit of the fall foliage and dead hosta material, etc., and can now see more of the spring that has sprung, out there. This included the “gorilla fingers,” clawing their way out of the earth. Solomon’s Seal has such an expressive way of emerging!

As you can see from the bottom edge of the photo, I still have some weeding to do. And, we plan to do a vegetable garden, and plan to do it in a raised box bed, which we have yet to build.

Note: This morning I was remembering a most savory broth I slurped this weekend, so I’m amending my assessment of the weekend. On Saturday I tasted some “Shanghai Mini Juicy Buns” for the first time, and I was in HEAVEN. Go to Saint Paul’s Tea House, now, and get you some of those! Be sure to ask your server for instructions on how best to to enjoy them. Much thanks go to Paul and Jen for introducing Steve and I to this tasty treat. The Bamboo Tips in Spicy Sauce and Gui Chou Beef were also most tasty.