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Maybe I turned a few

Turkey Trot, originally uploaded by arahbahn.

I smiled for about 45 minutes straight, yesterday: for the entire length of my run, in the afternoon. A wide grin took over my face, maybe even my body. The weather was great (40ish, not windy), there was a little bit of snow in the air, and my legs were so fresh that I felt like I floated. Strangely, perhaps due to the cool air, it reminded me of my many years of playing rugby in the fall, and how much I truly loved playing.

Also, I had the right gear on, which included mittens, a hat, and three layers on my torso. In fact, I had on my favorite running pants, which I hadn’t worn in years because they still have a bit of road paint on them from when I fell and sprained my ankle, about three years ago.

So, maybe I scared a few people, but maybe I converted a few of the ones who might be inclined as the person who originally said this: “the next time I see someone smiling while they run, I’ll take up running.”

The prior week, I ended up not running at all, as hubbie and I road-tripped out to the Black Hills of South Dakota, and running didn’t end up fitting into our plans as easily as hilly hiking, eating, resting, and visiting with family did. On paper/in pixels, it looks like great prep, 2 weeks prior a 10k trail race. Or so I hope!

I’ve got 4 days until the race I’ve been looking forward to, all year, the Big Woods Run. The course is challenging, the scenery is beauteous, I love running in the cool fall weather, and the post-race food is fab. I’m doing the race with my friend Kyle again, and Maggie’s joining us, as well. Hopefully we’ll win door prizes, again. That apple butter was yummy.


2 thoughts on “Maybe I turned a few

  1. Maggie says:

    I’m looking forward to Big Woods, too. Here’s hoping none of us wipes out on those slippery slopes!

  2. I’ve never understood why people assume runners are so serious (even us serious runners); you never see baseball or football players smile until they stop moving – it must be the long breaks in action that make the difference. And I’ve had runs where I got more out of breath laughing than exercising.

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