Full of love


Patiently Waiting

Today, I am electing to NOT go to yet another yoga class, despite the fact that it may put me in a rough situation in a few days, with regards to hitting my weekly quota. Swaha! Seriously, this mind and body needs a walk (or a nap) more than it needs another hour of asana. Plus, in teacher-training tonight, we’re doing another teaching round-robin. My shoulders will get plenty of work, today.

What I really wish I had, though, is a dog to take with me on that walk, today, but that’s not feasible, as I’ll be walking from the workplace.

On the topic of dog: I really need to get more dog into my life. I’m not in a situation in which I can have a dog as my own pet, but I’m going to have to find a way to rent time with Barron von Mischke, Sawyer, Finn, Ruby, or someone of their canine ilk, around here. Yesterday on my way out of the driveway, I encountered Barron and his person, Joe. Now, I’m generally a happy person, even when as tired as I’ve been, this week, but greeting and touching His Black Labness made my day oh so much better. I need more shots of that stuff!

This was timely: just two days ago in the Twittersphere I came upon this post about the goodness of dogs. When I first saw it, I mostly agreed with it, but didn’t feel enthusiastic enough about it to share with my friends. But after the aforementioned Barron encounter, I’m a renewed believer. Dogs, and animals in general, are simply amazing for reminding me about what’s important. They are so grounding, and restorative.

I am also a cat person, though perhaps it’s telling that hallucinogenic drugs were needed, to enable a similar revelation. I love this story, from Kathryn Budig.