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once in a blue moon, I take a nap


"So, that's what that is!"

Plant nurseries and farmer’s markets are great plant-identification tools. I really should box up all the grey-headed coneflower and butterfly weed seedlings that we have in our yard and sell them at $2/pop. At least now I know that they are plant varieties that I willingly introduced to our yard.

Once again, my long weekend run fell victim to too busy of a schedule: I’ve postponed it until tomorrow morning. Saturday and Sunday were too full of yoga teaching, menu planning, house cleaning, grocery and running-shoe shopping, pancakes, biscotti baking, weeding, watering, boot-camp (they really should call it booty camp, as my butt got kicked) class-taking, farmer’s market-shopping, movie-watching (“The International”-I don’t recommend it. Naomi Watts was horribly cast in it, among other problems), and lastly, but most notably: a NAP! I did manage to swap in a shorter trail run, late on Sunday. The time with the river, birds, and greenery at Fort Snelling State Park was restorative, if brief.

There are two ways I can read this: a) my focus and discipline with running is lacking. I suck. Or b) I’m adjusting quite nicely to weekend madness by moving long runs to midweek. This works out well, as on midweek days I must run in the cool, early hours of the morning, before work. I rule.

As option b is what allowed me to take a nap when I clearly needed it, and makes me feel good about it, I vote for option b.

I do need to make sure I do some runs in the middle hours of the day, however, in order to be prepared for at least one leg of the relay that I’ll be running. Last year, my first leg was at 7:3pm; my third leg was at noon, when it was quite sunny and steamy out.