be present


Tulips in the spring!

Planning is great; witnessing is even better.

I am now a certified yoga teacher, and one who is already teaching yoga. I love it, and am looking forward to more opportunities to share this awesome thing that makes me feel good, and helps me to see what’s there.

I am finding that the main thing that I want to share with people is the presence and enlightenment that a yoga practice can provide for them. Just breathe, and watch, and the riches of this existence will come to you. It sounds like something a genie might promise, but there it is. I have a mission.

Explanation of the photo. Yes, it relates: Last spring I drilled over 100 holes to plant the over 100 flower bulbs that my mother sent to me, in her amazing generosity, following a plant sale that she helped organize. I spent a couple hours, drilling into the earth, sensing its consistency and burying so many odd papered treasures within it. Every single bulb reminded me of my mother’s love for me and for botany. And 6-8 months later, what beautiful spring surprises in the yard, I had!