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The nerve

plaster spaulder

Iteration 1, Power Girl Spaulder

Somewhat ironically, this post is going to be about mustering up nerves to do something risky. And yet, when faced with the idea of posting a photo of me in my costume, which reveals a fair amount of cleavage, I am wary of strangers’ eyes, when I can’t see those eyes. So, I’m using an in-progress photo of a part of the costume. I hope I’m not letting anyone down. You can reference this wiki page on my favorite superhero, Power Girl, to envision the key component of her costume.

The photo I’m using isn’t all that irrelevant, however: once I decided to go as Power Girl, to a costume/roller-skating party, it was a sort of creative revival for me. I had so much fun, coming up with ways I could put together the costume, and using/developing some long-dormant construction skills. I searched for and bought a few parts on eBay, visited Twin Cities Magic and Costume,  did a little cutting and sewing, did some modeling with plastered bandage strips, and made prodigious use of gold spray paint and duct tape.

The spaulder, which some of the artists who have drawn her have included, was something that looked a little challenging to attempt. The alternative was a simple gold brooch, but as the morning of the party arrived, I found that I’d already purchased the required supplies, and I had all day to make it, so why not give it a try? With the help of my loving, tolerant, and skilled-with-plaster husband, I did it.

So, getting crafty didn’t require nerve as much as it required energy and patience.

What required nerve, in retrospect, was deciding on that outfit, and then actually wearing it in public. I wouldn’t have done it, just a few years ago, maybe even last year. I love the character – she’s smart, tussles with real problems (be they super villains or corporate bankruptcy), and has a killer physique (plus she can fly, is from Krypton, et cetera). I’d like to think that her character inspired me to pull it off, but the reality of it is that I’m older now, and in the past year, I’ve experienced some real tests of my confidence (in my yoga teacher training, in the nordic ski class I took, and even in the sewing required to make PG’s uniform), and have prevailed.