Revisit, resolve

Glassberg on the Mississippi

Some great things from 2011:

Camping with my honey in the Red River Gorge and in the Ozarks, in October. I’ll enjoy the glow of a camping lantern and later be afraid of scary tent-shadow monsters with him, any day.

Loving and being truly interested in music, again. Teaching yoga has brought this about, which surprised me.

We finished our basement! Paying someone else -especially a friend- to help you achieve a goal was a terrific idea.

Packing into a car and singing crazy songs with great friends at a very rainy campsite in Moab, Utah. The supreme red stone scenery and superb climbing (once the rain stopped) wasn’t too bad, either.

Spotting Atlantic puffins, arctic terns, and a black-backed woodpecker with my Mom in Maine. Enjoying a terrific Cuban meal and some lobster (another night) with her was tops, too.

Some things I’d like to see in 2012:

Seek more balance in my days and weeks: a little less physical exercise and a little more reading, art, or technical-skills building. GEEK OUT.

Continue to share, practice and teach yoga, and to build that business. Possibly swap or add a class to my schedule, at a new location.

CHILL OUT on my urgency to travel far and wide. I will get to Thailand, Japan and Peru, just maybe not this year. Spend time with my family, camp.

Breathe. Pack less into each day. But eat more vegetables.


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