I finished it! Just in time for (hopefully) our last round of snowy weather. It could have taken just about two months to finish, but then I took on a sock knitting project, a summer trip, a few fall and winter trips, and a busy life of working, running, yoga, cooking and playing board games, among other activities. Alas!

Early last winter, I started this cowl, or looped scarf. The project was fueled by my collection of wool and alpaca yarns of various colors, inspired by this photo of a rice terrace in China, and assisted by encouragement and a knitting pattern from my stylish, gifted and gorgeous friend, Rebecca.

The project bookended, and possibly helped manifest, our recent and very significant trip to southeast Asia, where we saw, and even hiked within, some amazing rice terraces.

Wool, friends, creativity: these are all powerful!

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One of those rare months in which I knit