Have camera, will run

I recently went on a 10-day vacation in Oregon. For most of it, I would have very little control over the schedule, as it was a guided nature tour (stay tuned for post about it). I was a little torn over whether to pack any running gear. I am in a base-building phase for my fall marathon, so taking a week off might help, rather than hurt me. However, I figured the aforementioned super-packed stuck-in-a-van with-binoculars agenda may force me out for a little sweaty personal time at some point.

Portland Rock Gym
Cute gym logo made cuter by trees

Prior to the trip, one of my running coaches told me this: “It’s vacation. Don’t even take the running shoes.”

I caved. I packed one running outfit & my smaller, lighter Mizuno Inspire 9 shoes. I was headed to a state where if you like to run, you must.

I didn’t run until seven days into the trip. Early on that day I went for an 8-mile run, across a large part of Portland; Dad joined me for the first part of it. I took my iPhone, partly as it contains maps, music, phone and RunKeeper. It also has a camera. This, in collusion with all the interesting things to see on the streets, made my run sort of a slow intervals run. These are the photos I took; enjoy!

elephant statue
No bees around here.
More pottery
So much sunshine. Plus chain-link.
Timbers mural
I’m yellin’ TIMBERS
Outdoor Store
So do you think they sell Camelbaks?
tesla pose
Someone else’s Tesla, and me. I was ready for crispy bread pudding french toast.


Two days later was my second run. More fun with camera, on a different route! Dig:

Willamette River
Willamette, damnit.
carnival ride
A Bear Affair
Duck Store window
The Duck Store
bus shelter in portland
broadway in portland
Mary’s Club

rules at providence park
Aren’t vuvuzelas a requirement at soccer games? I have much to learn.

That is all! It’s National Running Day. Do what feels good!

Author: Arah

I run, practice yoga, climb, design, shoot photos, cook, eat, and hike. I love chocolate and the winter Olympics.