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Getting crafty

It’s fairly rare that I stay home on a weekday. And yet the sniffles/snorts and coughs drove me there a few times this week. It was nice to be at home, even when the weather was nice.

Five things in my house that make it a home

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Home Turf.”


Thrifted! Enjoyed.

  1. Me, there, more often than just to sleep. It’s tempting to say that home is more homey in winter because in Minnesota I need the shelter more then, but somehow it’s even more comforting to nest up on a beautiful and sunny warm day, as well.
  2. Stuff is being made! Foodstuff. Or art. Or beer! Steve’s been making beer; my creativity is lately flowing more into yoga class sequences, themes and playlists. And maybe a blog post here and there. The crafty box beckons.
  3. A very comfy bed with soft pillows. I’m not sure I’d say this if I weren’t fighting a cold right now and sleep sounds so delicious. (Can I get this posted quickly enough?)
  4. The place where I store my sleeping bag. I think this is related to #3? Sleeping bag = home on the road.
  5. Love: signs and symbols contained therein. Trinkets from Mom, photos from trips and events. Cookery used together to make meals enjoyed together. Board games we play together. The candle that helps remind me to take a few moments each day to recollect, reconnect, stretch a little and be grateful. Notes, left for each other.

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