Gratitudes and what the heck

Things I didn’t expect from 2020 and yet here we are:

  • Wearing contacts almost every day
  • Painting my fingernails on the regular
  • Not painting my toenails on the regular
  • Doing more yoga asana
  • Doing less meditation
  • Setting a deadline for getting a dog
  • No Halloween decorations
  • But still getting and eating Halloween candy
  • Avoiding state parks for 7 months
  • Finding unexpected joy in that one drive I make per week
  • My mom dying
  • Reading 32 books by November
  • Cycling in my basement
  • 3 trips to Oregon
  • Keeping a basket of masks by the door
  • A bumper crop of hops, tomatoes and pumpkins
  • Driving across the country and back in 8 days
  • Not even trying to plan any vacation before fall 2021
  • No camping until October
  • Spending more time with my brother and sister-in-law (Yay!)
  • Also spending more time with 2 cats. (Yay! Time with animals is time well spent.)
  • Opting in to the free Disney+ subscription because: Mandalorian
  • Starting a kitchen remodel
  • Sending more money to arts and BIPOC organizations in town, and also to ACLU
  • Checking on friends via phone more often
  • And all of this seeming to precipitate from: pandemic, murderous police officers & the related, necessary protests, a stressful election, and all of the related collective emotional and biological impact of all of this

We can do this.

Above, from left to right: the “before” kitchen, the “during” temporary kitchen, the in-progress new kitchen, and the kitchen flooring, 2-3 layers down.


2 thoughts on “Gratitudes and what the heck

  1. Jeremy says:

    Arah, the kitchen remodel is exciting. Please post progress pictures. You will no doubt make good use of an enhanced kitchen. It’s always nice to hear about your culinary adventures. Maybe macarons are in your future? Laila tried her hand at them- hard!

    You inspired me to think about 2020 and all the good things it’s brought us:

    1) It was a good year for gardens, house projects and pets. Some advantages of Being home all the time.

    2) The environment seemed to improve a little with the brief initial respite from Corona- cleaner water, returning animals. Let’s hope that trend can continue.

    3) Spending more time with our immediate family.

    4) Co-hosting weekly online museum tours all over the world. It how we maintain our relationships with our remote parents and friends. Tools like Zoom work great to connect face to face with people who are distant.

    Best to you and Steve

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