You’re in for a treat

Arah and Mount Rainier from Crystal Mountain
Grinning. Home, where the people are and also where The Mountain is.

On my flight out to Tacoma last week, I was seated next to a young woman. We hadn’t said a word, during the whole 3+ hour flight. When she looked out the windows to see the North Cascade mountains, she commented that they were amazing.

That, they are.

I agreed and she told me this was the first time she’d ever seen mountains: she’d never been west of Fargo.

I had the window seat and a few moments later when Mount Rainier finally came into view, I pointed it out to her and her eyes widened.

She was headed to Sitka to visit a friend: then it was my turn to be impressed!

This was my first flight in a year. My last few were taken during the pandemic when there was more fear, more uncertainly, and far fewer people anywhere in the skies or on the roads. And I was dealing with the approach and early recovery weeks following my mom’s death. It was a lot.

This brief conversation with a traveler was such salve. Not a bad start to a weekend visiting family, friends, and mountains. I’m feeling fortunate and hopeful for the next several months. Maybe even brave?

We can do this.