Camped, glamped, what’s the difference?

I was here. It wasn’t open.

A weekend of contradictions:.

We wanted to attend the Hatch Chile fest over Labor Day weekend, but getting flights there was ridiculous and that trip just didn’t sound restorative.

Lake Michigan has some lovely sand

We wanted to have a friend take care of the dogs because we were flying away somewhere, but our backup plan was not only drivable but a camping plan. The dogs love camping.

Saturday bacon

We have the gear to camp, and yet we opted to try a “glamping” tent cabin rental.

We wanted to visit the upper peninsula of Michigan, but our rental was a few hours away from the sights and hikes we had dreamed about.

Miner’s Castle! At Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

We wanted to hike, but both of us sustained injuries the prior few days, which sidelined anything more than a 1-mile stroll, in terms of vigorous pursuits.

The hike to Miner’s Falls

And so: it was a trip that was mostly driving and enjoying great weather, north woods scenery and the beginning bloom of fall color in a few treetops.

Munising Falls, which used to power a pig iron plant

There was a little bit of music, history, and local food sampling, as well. (We ate the pasty and cudighi before we could shoot photos. So good!)

Make sure you listen to the music. A polka band played in the front yard of our rental!

And so: this trip ended up a lot like some of our favorite road trips, despite a few really sharp turns in the planning and some mobility mishaps.

Except for this.
Ah well. We will return, another time!
Our little home away from home