Afton Trail Run 2016: A Booted Paparazza

This blog isn’t just about running. Lately it’s not about much at all: sorry for the silence! I’m handling a stress reaction/fracture in my foot. This means: wearing a big plastic boot, most of the time, which also means: not running. Since May 21! Not walking much, either. But I’ve gotten the go-ahead to do some hiking in stiff, tall boots, which I’ll do in … Continue reading Afton Trail Run 2016: A Booted Paparazza

“If it were easy we wouldn’t be here…”

I heard the above words at the check-in area for the Afton Trail Run, this past Saturday. I was there as a volunteer; the speaker was there as a runner. I’ve run this run (the 25k version) once before. I didn’t agree with him: I’ve found that preparing properly for races is the hard part. Showing up for the race is easy, in comparison – … Continue reading “If it were easy we wouldn’t be here…”

Feeling foody

Granny’s Best, originally uploaded by arahbahn. I got a particularly enjoyable run in, this weekend, out at Afton. The temperature was excellent for running: 60s, sunny, and a light breeze. The scenery, at times was downright bewitching: my decision to take a spin through the short prairie wildflower loop transported me into a rolling sea of purple and copper grasses, accented with loud sparkles of … Continue reading Feeling foody

Post-post race report

Fiddleheads!, originally uploaded by arahbahn. I really have to start using one of my real cameras more often: the portrait orientation from the iPhone just doesn’t work on this blog. But hey! Here’s a great chance to post a lovely picture taken earlier this year at Afton! And now, the abridged version of my race report, for the Afton 25K, my first ever race of … Continue reading Post-post race report