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Post-post race report

Fiddleheads!, originally uploaded by arahbahn.

I really have to start using one of my real cameras more often: the portrait orientation from the iPhone just doesn’t work on this blog. But hey! Here’s a great chance to post a lovely picture taken earlier this year at Afton!

And now, the abridged version of my race report, for the Afton 25K, my first ever race of that distance.

I did great! 15.5 miles in 2 hours 55 minutes – I had expected to take longer, with the heat & hills. The temperature that day was nice and cool (low 70s), but quite humid. My main soreness afterwards (and it’s gone now) was what seemed to be a low ab strain, which I think I got from the last of many steep descents in the course, when I had a HELL of a sideache. All those descents are long, too- so trying to keep the core tight in order to step lightly & speedily is quite an endurance test! I managed fluids, salts & fuel just fine. Yay for pretzels and pb&j mini-sandwiches, at aid stations! And yay for a delicious nap, later in the day.

Click here for a PDF showing the elevation profile of the course.

Recovery report: Abs fine. Butt, quads, left inner soleus still a wee whiny. Almost-blisters from undergarment: gone. I’ve done 2 easy runs this week, a climb night that included a few nice leads, and plenty of power yoga: feeling good. Spirit & brain: what’s next? Maybe a road 5k soon, then one of the Big Woods Runs (Half-mar, or 10k). I’m enjoying watching my tomatoes grow. Just bought some new chic sandals. Making rosemary-lentil soup tonight.