Cooking from home

Last week, we had a snow day at my job -on that day this meant that the forecast looked so grim that various supervisors sent people home around noon, to avoid dangerous rush-hour drives home. I got home early enough to get started on the evening’s dinner: Aromatic Asparagus and Sweet Potato Curry with Cilantro, from Bryant Terry‘s terrific cookbook, The Inspired Vegan. My only riff on … Continue reading Cooking from home

Pho sure: some food suggestions

Lonely Planet is doing a contest right now, and awards include a trip with G Adventures, the company we recently hired to handle our first week in the Philippines. To enter, you must first decide which type of trip you like best. Choices include Wildlife & Nature, World Food, Adventure, Island Hopping, and Big Trips. They all sound great to me! I haven’t entered yet, mostly as … Continue reading Pho sure: some food suggestions