Packed into my chest

Love and big fish, at the Drift Inn

I found an even better resource for regular inspiration-via-verse than the Poetry app: the poem-a-day email newsletter. Today’s edition delivered this timely piece, given my travels last week to see Mom safely through her heart surgery: Continue reading “Packed into my chest”

Sacral chakra work in Oregon

A Garland in Mom’s Garden

I think this is my favorite photo from our July trip out west, and I’ve been mulling over what to write about it ever since we got back. For me it has some perfection and yet some contradiction. The pose I’m taking there is called Garland pose, or Malasana. Some yoga traditions have called it frog pose, or yogi squat. Two out of those three line up right, for me: I’m in my mother’s garden, where flowers (i.e. what tends to go into garlands) and frogs are plentiful.

On the other hand, “squatting” in a place of such beauty, and one that is tended by my mom is what seems a little impolite, but at least I’m smiling there, if not laughing. Continue reading “Sacral chakra work in Oregon”


My mom took this photo! I am so proud of her, her talents, and her care. We were very lucky to take a trip to Maine together, this spring, where she took this photo. In most of the yoga classes I teach, there is a point early in the class when I invite people to set a devotion or intention for the class. For the … Continue reading Bursting

By teaspoon

“Come and flow. Powerfully lift your heart, and let go. Yoga is tonight!” read my text tease, for the yoga class. What speaks to love, more than a box of rose-petal covered champagne truffles? A heart-lifting (opening) yoga practice can. Luck may have aligned this particular asana sequence with my 7pm class on Valentine’s Day 2011. It was a sequence full of heart-opening asana (poses), … Continue reading By teaspoon

I love ’em

So, I’ve been gaga for yoga for coming up an 6 months now, although I’ve been practicing yoga for many years. My teacher-training stint really upped the intensity on my practice and it’s made me more aware of some surprising things. One of my more surprising and seemingly silly observations: I have newfound love and compassion for my toes. This is manifest in the following: … Continue reading I love ’em