nature, skiing

Ok, winter, I’m ready.

Bring it on:

  • The dark, sleep-happy mornings
  • The supreme entertainment provided by squirrels, cardinals, juncos and the whole merry backyard band including that slinking cat
  • Soup recipe experimentation
  • Ramekin (pot pie recipe) experimentation
  • The stoke from carving one hella long “S” on my snowboard, on a bunny slope
  • The stoke from doing a lot more than that on skis, if I get my butt out west this winter.
  • Trying out our new patio furniture in chilly season: bundling up in warm clothes and snuggling up to a cup of hot tea
  • Shows at the Walker and elsewhere. Cindy Sherman, anyone?
  • Lazy Sunday mornings with the New York Times printed edition (we just re-subbed, yay!)
  • Netflix streaming titles like the ridiculously ridiculous Mission: Impossible 3. Was I supposed to laugh that much? Movies like this are why we finished our basement. Well, also for really good films like Hugo.
  • Skyfall is coming! Bond is one of the few themes left that can get me to a movie theater.

What helps you let go of summer and look forward to winter?