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Ok, winter, I’m ready.

Bring it on:

  • The dark, sleep-happy mornings
  • The supreme entertainment provided by squirrels, cardinals, juncos and the whole merry backyard band including that slinking cat
  • Soup recipe experimentation
  • Ramekin (pot pie recipe) experimentation
  • The stoke from carving one hella long “S” on my snowboard, on a bunny slope
  • The stoke from doing a lot more than that on skis, if I get my butt out west this winter.
  • Trying out our new patio furniture in chilly season: bundling up in warm clothes and snuggling up to a cup of hot tea
  • Shows at the Walker and elsewhere. Cindy Sherman, anyone?
  • Lazy Sunday mornings with the New York Times printed edition (we just re-subbed, yay!)
  • Netflix streaming titles like the ridiculously ridiculous Mission: Impossible 3. Was I supposed to laugh that much? Movies like this are why we finished our basement. Well, also for really good films like Hugo.
  • Skyfall is coming! Bond is one of the few themes left that can get me to a movie theater.

What helps you let go of summer and look forward to winter?


One thought on “Ok, winter, I’m ready.

  1. MI says:

    Great photo – so glad you are enjoying the patio furniture :)

    Hard to let go of summer – especially since I was on a beach just 2 days ago in Santorini, with the sun kissing my skin and the waves tickling my toes. When I come back to states and MSP, it’ll be a rude awakening I’m sure. But the joy of seeing friends and family, white lights adorning the trees and houses, coffee in red Starbucks cup, and outdoor adventures help me embrace winter (no skiing accidents this year :)

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