Loving Loos and Ragnar Relay in 2014

Notables from this year’s Ragnar Relay Great River, which ended for our Loo Lovers team around 3pm last Saturday: I ran all the way up that 2-mile hill. I kept a steady, pretty strong pace on my last (exhausted, humid) leg. And, I only showered once. The former two seem to be signs that I have trained well. Maybe for Ragnar, but most hopefully, for my October … Continue reading Loving Loos and Ragnar Relay in 2014

Winter fun in Hayward, Wisconsin

This past weekend included lots of snow, copious amounts of laughter and catching up with 10+ friends, a fair number of hours spent lounging in a comfy cabin watching snow accumulate, plenty of good food, more than enough beer and wine, a little reading, some good music, two hilarious snorting dogs, layer upon layer of puffy and/or fuzzy warm clothes, a dreamy hour of skiing … Continue reading Winter fun in Hayward, Wisconsin

Ritual of Ragnar

It’s an Olympics year, so it’s not surprising that the media (i.e. here on the Washingtonian, here at the Telegraph or on Yahoo Sports) once again investigates the superstitions or rituals of high-level athletes. This amateur/recreational athlete’s pre-race ritual, as you may have read here before, is chiefly to consume a bowl of hot cereal, the morning of (before) the event. It’s good endurance fuel, it’s … Continue reading Ritual of Ragnar