They sent us home by 11:30am.

By the end of Friday’s storm, an additional 13.5 inches had accumulated on top of the 12+ inches we’d gotten a few days before. First photo: the drifts in front of the house & around the neighborhood.

Photo 2: The previous night I drove in after the climbing gym closed early. (Click on photos to see enlarged versions) The Exploder, despite its faults, handled the job beautifully.

Photo 3: Our back (and main) entrance to the house. Check out the bird feeders — at an unusually bird-free moment.

Photo 4: This week brought enough snow out for our neighbor to unearth the John Deere -twice- and have Steve clear the driveways. Yay for Barb and her Deere!

Photo 5: The rain garden – this snow will be great for it!