a vacation from vacation

It’s been over a week now and I’ve just about recovered from our trip to visit family and sunshine in Phoenix. In just 4 days, we did all this:

Attended 2 Coyotes games

Attended 1 Mariners game

Saw the Bodyworlds Exhibit at the Phoenix Science Center

Went for a hike in the White Tanks Park

Shopped, dined, and visited with friends, on a half-day in Scottsdale

Ate oatmeal in an oatmeal-cookie-bowl, for breakfast once morning at Paradise Bakery

Drove up (2+ hours) to Sedona to check out galleries (liked Keith Schall‘s paintings!) and sightsee, then continued North into
Flagsstaff for a tasty beer.

Despite the busy-ness, it was great to visit with family and enjoy the 75+ degree weather for a few days!