Back from New York/Jersey. Ate/visited/imbibed here:
Azucar Cuban Cuisine: a most excellent batch of Yuca Frita Cubana & a yummy mojito as well.

The Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum: The National Design Triennial was exhaustive but excellent. Loved the Josh Davis work. I’m looking forward to his session at Flashbelt. The Ladd Brothers’ “elaborate handcrafted works” were beautiful and inventive; it reminded me of works by Holly Anderson Jorde and Erika Olson, in a recent exhibit here in St. Paul.

Resto: A great Dutch baby and some excellent Belgian brews (check out the decor- and the great gams on that table- in the photo at left).

Blind Tiger Ale House: Mmm, the Brooklyn Wheat, with Murray’s cheeses.

Robongi in Hoboken- yet another great sushi meal. With Ben!

The Overnight: Very powerful. We miss Jenny. Many people there were missing loved ones, as well: there were a lot of great t-shirts with photos, quotes, and loving words.

South Street Seaport: Very busy. Bustling, even. Loud but fun. I love wharfs (usually).

Dodo offered a most excellent organic pinot noir from Mendocino.

Josh & Ive’s: Got a smashed bagel there, and a “sober” one as well, to share with hubbie. It’s funny that, for backpacking food, I choose bagels because they can’t get smashed, and yet here we pay extra to get them smashed. Odd gimmick, but still made for a much better post-run breakfast than our hotel’s restaurant could offer.

That run, by the way, was most excellent. I wish I could pull off something similar at home: mark out a run that puts me at a bagel shop that is x desired miles away from where I start. Run the route, buy bagels and coffee, then drink coffee while waiting for commuter train to take me back to start, where I then enjoy the bagels with husband.

Rosa Mexicano had the tastiest salsa I’ve ever had.

A funny moment, near end of trip: at 10:05pm, walking to PATH train inHoboken, a voice yells from some apartment: “Tony Soprano LIVES!” (The HBO series finale had just ended.)