and I’m not talking Russell Stovers

Endeavoring to prolong our vacation, hubbie and I (only after getting the yard watered) headed out yesterday afternoon to see “Paris, JE T’AIME.” The film is a collection of 20 vignettes shot by 20 different directors, shot in 20 different Paris neighborhoods. Seeing it was a great way to wrap up a vacation to a large city, even if it wasn’t the same one.

Without sounding too trite, it was like a box of chocolates – very good chocolates, like the Godivas that Steve got for me this Valentine’s Day. Each vignette started with a brief scenic shot of the appropriate endroit, captured in the typical damp but glowing grey of Paris. At that point, I knew something flavorful was coming, but didn’t know if it would be happy, sad, or just plain weird. I can’t pick a favorite, but Wes Craven’s “Père-Lachaise” segment was particularly… Parisian.