We’re on the brink of a new year. Life is good:

  • Snow. Two feet of it.
  • Climbing 5.11s.
  • Running outside in the winter.
  • Mom’s spare ribs recipe.
  • Buckeye candies.
  • Some new clothes that fit me.
  • New fonts on my computer: Neutra and Warnock.
  • I can make a text scrolly button now, in Actionscript.
  • Plans for a road trip.
  • Plans for a finished basement.
  • The love of a good man.
  • A roof over my head.
  • Food on the table.
  • A most excellent and healthy family.
  • Fabulous friends.
  • A job.
  • A good book. Or four.
  • New music to listen to.

I am thankful.

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