Embrace it


It’s time to:

  • Start some seedlings
  • Plan a trip someplace warm
  • Plan a mushing trip for next winter
  • Get an unlimited membership to the nearest CorePower studio (read: SUPER HEATED studio)
  • Buy snowshoes
  • Get “ice fishing” off my Minnesota to-do list, so that I can move someplace warmer.
  • Keep putting off ice fishing so that I continue to stay for many more gorgeous summers
  • Get a car with heated seats
  • Wonder if I should be alarmed that this weekend’s forecast for 20 positive degrees makes me happy

Any other suggestions?


  1. No. When it was first proposed to me (in college) my reasoning was that rugby was doing a good job of keeping me in cuts & bruises, already. Rugby’s spot was taken by climbing, a few years ago. :)

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