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My husband is awesome.

This, of course, isn’t news. I don’t have a lot of news; just some subtleties. This is as close to that “25 things about me” Facebook meme as I’m going to get:

  • I’m doing a lot of yoga, a fair amount of indoor rock climbing, and relatively little running. I expect the running to ramp up soon, but that partly hinges upon the weather becoming more agreeable. Also, I haven’t picked my first race, yet. I was considering a half marathon in April, but the idea of dreadmill training for it is not very appealing.
  • When the weather has crept above 15 degrees, I’ve gotten in some joyously fun runs of up to 7 miles. Some on pavement, some on trails. All on varying amounts of snow. I’m starting to believe that my body’s ideal ambient temp for running is between 15 and 50. Yay for northern European heritage! At least, at this time of year, anyway, in Minnesota.
  • I’ve become very fond of the Bodyflow classes at the nearest YMCA. It’s a great mix of tai chi, yoga, and pilates. I’m finding that the great music, excellent instruction, challenging strength workout, guided meditation (at the end), and enthusiasm are a great fit, for me. And would you get a load of this: I’m still new to it, but my instructor suggested I look into becoming an instructor. Wow! I’ll have to think about that.
  • I can almost do Pincha Mayurasana away from a wall.
  • I’m going to the beach, soon. And I couldn’t be more psyched about it. Sand between the toes. Sun on the skin. Yeah.
  • With my best climbing buddies, I’m going on a climbing trip, this spring, to a new place (Smith Rock). My plan is to continue working on my trad lead skills, but to also do some challenging sport leads. And enjoy the central Oregon scenery.
  • I just got 2 new lipstick colors, pretty bright ones, and I love love love them. Yay for Lancome, again.
  • I’m this close to a World of Warcraft addiction. My warrior is level 19 now. However, the addiction may not realize itself, now that we have a non-tube TV. Not that broadcast TV is improving at all (blech) – it’s just that we have an XBox with some good games. Also, the laptop with WoW on it is currently bricked. And, I’m caught up enough with Battlestar Galactica that I can rely on Hulu for new episodes.
  • My dad just had a full knee replacement. I’m a daughter of a bionic man! Brave soul. Here’s to a speedy return to full mobility!
  • I’m looking forward to seeing my new tulips & allium come up. Too bad that won’t be for another few months.
  • We have plans to beef (-steak?) up the veggie garden this year. To do so, we need to start some seedlings, soon. To our usual crop of spinach and arugula, we hope to add beets, garlic, broccoli, and potatoes. Maybe even some tomatoes.
  • We recently dined out at the East Side’s Strip Club restaurant. Their cassoulet was to die for. Sadly, we’ve been unable to procure the ingredients to try making it ourselves. Evidently Strip Club has cornered the market on duck legs.