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Flintsones Redux, originally uploaded by arahbahn.

The above- a pedal-powered ice hut- was one of the many installations/performances/collaborative theater dealios that we checked out today at the Art Shanty exhibition out in the NW metro area hinterlands.

Purists would probably argue that the presence of sani-cans and the absence of fish (or even fishing line) means that I still haven’t ice-fished, but this may be as close as I ever get to it. I did see one relatively open auger-hole in one of the shanties.

Here’s my photoset from the trip. Our faves were the confessional shanty and the mapping one. It’s interesting (not amazing, however) what people will confess when they know it will be posted on the outside of an ice hut! In the Radical Mapping Shanty, we contributed by posting pins on a map to indicate where we buy our food. On an adjacent world map, various family’s residences were plotted, plus photos of them with the full volume of food that they buy in a week.

Prior to our adventure, I went for a 6-mile run around the neighborhood. Normally, this route is a 90% pavement, 10% trail run, but today it was 100% trail run thanks to the snow, ice, my Yak Trax, and the effort required. Not so for some of other runners, pavement lovers – I’m thinking my butt hurts more, presently.

Today has been a day to love winter! Hopefully tomorrow will be, too: I’m off to Afton for a day of snowboarding.