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we did it our way

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What does “Key West” conjure up to you? French pastries? No?

I’d pictured a Tiki Hut bar, and long beaches. Quiet. What movie was I remembering? Probably one set in Hawaii. Anyway, this was different, but in good ways. Entertaining ways. Surprising ways.

The night life there seems to start at 10am, and keeps going and increasing in volume and silliness until way after we turned in to catch some cable TV goodness and some z’s.

We definitely weren’t the target demo.

The drinks weren’t strong, but some were tasty.

The snorkeling was good, but sadly, we hit a cold and pretty windy day. We only saw about 10 species of fishies and perhaps 5 types of lovely coral, but that’s plenty.

The food was tasty: we had our fill of conch fritters, seared scallops, corn bread, grouper, stone crab, and yellowtail snapper.

I even got in a 4-mile run, and though I’m embarrassed to admit I did it on a beat-up hotel fitness-room treadmill, it felt great and I didn’t have to hurdle or dodge slow-moving tourists. This was possibly due to the fact that I got a 1-hour hot-stone massage, right after it. And later, a soak in a fancy hot tub, with a waterfall, with hubbie.

We checked out some fascinating old fort ruins (Fort Zachary Taylor and Fort Jefferson), and also the Hemingway House & cats.

We sat on a beach or two, safely in the cover or late-day sun and/or sunscreen. I wore a bikini.

I read a great book.

We listened to some great jazz at the hotel wine bar.

The sun and sand were nummy warm. I may be able to survive this winter, now.