art, garden


Check it out-I’m using a tool. And a tool of the powered variety. Well, to be fair, I’m posing with a tulip bulb, having just used the cordless drill, fitted with a bulb auger.

It’s really not all that momentous of an event, for me to be in the garden, playing with dirt, but I’m taking today to celebrate success, albeit just one small one. I’ve got a terribly long list of to-dos and personal enrichment/fulfillment goals, both in the creative and homeowning columns, and today I was able to mark off “get some of the 120 bulbs planted.” The facts that I a) found a 2nd use for the cordless drill I bought a year or so ago, and b) have just armed my yard with some early spring color, are icing on the cake.

The advent of Halloween, and my decision to get into the spirit and pass out candy, gave me opportunity to create things, as well: 3 jack-o-lanterns this week, as well as a lovely, spooking string of tissue ghosts, and some bat cut-outs for our window. Is it any wonder I had some wacky dreams, last night? I used to blame it on chocolate, but now I’m wondering if it has more to do with using my hands to make physical objects that make me smile.