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I like pie

Rachael Ray Victim, originally uploaded by arahbahn.

I didn’t even intend to, but the crust decoration on my meat pie on Sunday ended up looking a lot like the lovely and fantastic Sun Valley sun logo that I remember from my childhood. I’m so pleased to see that the resort still uses it.

So, I’m excited for winter sports season to arrive. In a bizarre twist, I’m considering taking a cross-country ski training/technique course. A good friend from elsewhere in the country is coming to our time zone to do the Birkebeiner race in February, so hubbie and I have vowed to join him and do one of the races that weekend, maybe even the full Birkie. We’ll see. If this is going to be an icy-sidewalk winter, I might as well choose a cardio activity that’s less risky on winter terrain, than running shoes. Not that I don’t plan to go snowshoeing, again!

My gear budget may not be ready for all this.


2 thoughts on “I like pie

  1. Steve says:

    Nice to finally meet yesterday! The new series of snowshoe races has me wanting to ask around and find out whether the falls hurt more or less than the ones trail running.

  2. Arah says:

    It was nice to finally meet, yesterday. I enjoyed the event, and not just from your witty remarks.

    Well, I’ve only gone snowshoe running once, and the conditions were perfect – and one of the reasons for that was that the snow was fluffy and made for soft landings. I imagine it’s not always like that; it certainly hasn’t been, on many of my alpine ski days in MN. That ice can be harder than limestone. When snowshoe running, you rarely get enough velocity to land so roughly.

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