What Was Casey's Walnut Pie

still love ’em

Let Them Eat Pie, originally uploaded by arahbahn.

“Walnut” comes from the Old English wealhhnutu, which means, much to my delight, “foreign nut.” These protein- and healthy oil-laden treats were travelers that came from Gaul and Italy to England, originally.

I’ve always liked walnuts better than pecans. I don’t mean any disrespect to my pecan-growing and -loving in-laws, especially as I prefer to use pecans when I make candied nuts! For my walnut love, I blame Mom, who put them in every cookie she could, when baking for us kids (and herself!). With her it’s celery or walnuts, in everything. We like crunch!

Steve and I continue to search for a recipe that delivers the walnut pie that we had at Casey’s in Chamberlain, South Dakota, during our October road trip this year. Melissa made a great one, using maple syrup, for us for Thanksgiving. The one I recently made comes about as close as it can, as pie not gotten at a truck stop can never be pie that was gotten at a truck stop. You’re hungry, road-weary, and looking for something notable from the country you’re touring.

Here’s the recipe for Walnut Bourbon Pie, which is pictured above. My parents-in-law, Steve, and myself enjoyed it after Christmas dinner; some of my coworkers got the remains of it, yesterday at a potluck.

The recipe was a cinch! This is the second or third pie crust I’ve ever made, and once again it was surprised at how well making it went, and how nice and flaky it turned out. And oh, the filling. Fantastic. Nutty Jim Beam! Love it.