We have a grill

Not Farinata, originally uploaded by arahbahn.


We had vague plans to cook some during our New Year’s Day party, but not only was it blisteringly cold out, but, well, we were busy entertaining guests. So I waited two nights then persuaded hubby to make some, in the same crazy cold, outside (we make it in a cast iron skillet, on the grill we bought this fall).

The party was a success, we saw lots of our friends and enjoyed much good food, drink, and chitchat.

We also, upon viewing the spread at the start of the party, had a lot of cheese. Which isn’t a bad thing at a Minnesota party, especially in winter, but next year I may make an concerted effort to have a more balanced cornucopia. More veggies! Maybe a few more non-corn-chip grains. We’ll stick to the two chilis, however.

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