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Fermented Illumination

Yesterday provided even more inspiration to plod on through this bitter winter and start looking forward to summer, otherwise known as that first of two seasons with COLOR. Yes, there is color in winter: here, its mainly that intense blue of the sky, which seems to get more intense with every ten degrees that the mercury plunges. At the moment, I’m looking for colors at the warmer end of the spectrum.

In my Saturday errand travels, I stopped by Green Body (the beauteous space and welcoming place where I teach some of my yoga), where David was teaching a Kombucha-making class (if you’re curious, this page gives some informative instructions). I’d missed the first part, but the part I witnessed was dazzling. He was pouring some first-fermented kombucha into bottles, and supplementing it with chopped fruit, to prepare it for its second fermentation.

It seemed like every single one of my favorite colors, was in those bottles. It was like looking through the stained glass at Chartres: brilliant to the eyes, and lifting to the spirit. I bundled up and headed out into the day, recharged.