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Be A Winner! Flavor Your Dinner!

It’s winter, we have an obscene volume of snow here in St. Paul, MN, and I am feeling immensely grateful. I went for a run around the powder-buried neighborhood yesterday, and had so much FUN, leaping snowbanks, marveling at light though barren trees, figuring out where my balance needs to be, taking strange, sprightly steps, sipping in the cool, dry air, listening to the crackle underneath my feet (in between song breaks in the Decemberists’ fantastic new album), watching and listening to some families have fun, sledding down the nearest hill.

I’m grateful that I have the legs, feet, lungs, eyes, ears, and time to spend, doing something I love this much.

I didn’t get a picture during that run that captures this feeling sufficiently. I am, however, similarly grateful for the flavor of garlic and the wondrous colors at Pike Street Market, last Christmas eve.