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This life…


Via Flickr: Selby-Hamline bridge weirdness.

… all 42 years of it, has been good. I am so fortunate to love and be loved by some amazing people.

I’m also fortunate to live in a town that offers tons of things to look at, during a four-hour walk. And thank goodness for such lovely April weather, this past weekend!


2 thoughts on “This life…

  1. Jeremy Fink says:

    Happy Birthday Arah. I was out hiking with the dogs this weekend & thought of you. Have you ever been hiking down at the Louisville Swamp? One of my favorite places in the greater metro.


    • Arah says:

      Hi! I have not, lately – but I did finally get down there, last summer. It was a very fun muddy run – though we had to keep running to outrun the skeeters. Beautiful place! I remembered that it was one of your faves, so it was especially fun to finally get down there. Thanks for the bday wishes!!

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