week of weird


Foiled By the Cappuccino

A week that starts with me finishing our taxes more than 7 days before they are due is bound to inspire strange behavior, in the rest of the week’s days. Thus, here is how the week has continued:

  • Birthday dinner was pushed to the day after my birthday, because of my fabulous Monday-night yoga students and class. I love them, and not just because they brought me gifts.
  • I took a half-day off, to go pick out bathroom fixtures and tiles. The main weirdness in this is that for once, a house project is taking up some of my time and brain-power.
  • Instead of going to a yoga class for the last hour of my morning off, I went out to lunch at Birchwood Café! Took a full hour, enjoyed the a plate of the item 2nd to last in the menu pictured at right.
  • At lunch, a read a little more of the library book I need to return, this Saturday, The Thank You Economy. It’s an enjoyable read; I continue to be amazed by the “well, duh…” feeling I get from many business bestsellers, but well, sometimes we need to be reminded of the important stuff. Good for Vaynerchuk for making a buck off of it. Maybe it’ll help me make some decisions with my yoga teaching business.
  • We’ve been straying a little from our plant-based diet at dinners, starting with the Potato-Cheese Gnocchi that Steve made for me, on my birthday. Enjoying meats and dairy seeped into my lunch, in the form of a cappuccino with normal milk, and …
  • Continued later in the day with a cheese and prociutto plate at Busters on 28th, and …
  • Continued even later into that evening with at least two courses of our fantastic dinner at Heidi’s. I picked the tasting menu, which included Eggless Benedict with huitlacoche and truffle; Pickled beef tongue and roasted shiitake salad with spicy mustard and soy; Creamy mussel soup with roasted parsnips, tomato stew and fried parsley; Anise scented lamb shank with cardamom scented jasmine rice and arugula sauce; and, finally, Nitro chocolate mousse with roasted marshmallow, peanut butter bliss and honey. Steve put together his own tasting menu, headlined with Salmon Cassoulet: Orange baked salmon on a ragoût of azuki beans and Bibb lettuce finished with rosemary. We enjoyed an excellent Côtes du Rhône with it.
  • And I don’t regret a moment of it. YUM. Back to the plant diet, today at lunch, successsfully. My heart & arteries will be pleased.
  • I just got a “Jason DeRusha is now following your Tweets” notice. I enjoy many of his foodie posts, so I’m tickled.
  • To facilitate the basement remodel, we had to move our TV to the living room, for the first time in our six years in the bungalow. We watched “Red” on it on Sunday night. It was very strange, watching TV in the living room. Fun, even. Maybe I need to get “in” more, or maybe just kick the Gen X granola behavior in the pants, for a spell.
  • Dinner that night -in front of the TV- was all snacks. Popcorn, homemade hummus, olives, pita. And it rocked.
  • My prep for the Overnight walk is going well, especially on the fund-raising front. I hit my goal! I continue to be floored by the love and generosity of friends and strangers. Steve is still working toward his goal, so if you are inclined to give to AFSP, please do so on his page, here.