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Apple-filled Pancakes!

Dirt under my fingernails, tired legs, tickled tastebuds, two big craters in my basement, a tiny bit of needed & delicious yoga, and two envelopes headed back to Netflix. Now THAT’s a weekend.

Steve and I made æbelskiver, on Saturday. As we drove home from the Beer Cave, after 5pm, I had a craving for cake that could not be sated, as St. Paul has a habit of rolling up most of the sidewalks by that time. I gave up on the frosted kind, but went with the pan kind: we ended up finally making the æbelskiver that we had bought the ingredients for, nearly two weeks ago. Thank goodness buttermilk, sour cream and ricotta can keep that long!

Here’s some context – because why would we choose a dessert that requires a special (“monk’s”) pan and can involve a complicated recipe? Last fall, prior to a Guthrie performance, Steve and I had tried this Danish treat at the Mill City Farmer’s Market. Aunt Else’s had a food cart there & we stood transfixed as we watched the little stuffed treats being deftly assembled & served. We selected apple & sausage, and loved it all. We received the pan as a Christmas gift, after retelling our food cart story to his Mom.

After a small amount of black smoke, some mild profanity and a medium amount of batter to clean from the stovetop, we were in business. Well, in the business of eating a tasty dessert nearly right from the pan. These skills certainly aren’t on par for selling street food, but it was a fun adventure in cooking something new. The maple whipped cream in this particular recipe is amazing, too. Yes, I admit to eating an extra spoonful right from the mixing bowl. Bonus: I used my new (hand-me-down) stand mixer for the 2nd and 3rd times. LOVE that thing and the fact that mom gave it to me!