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Iron Runners

Iron Runners

Post-Birkie musings:
I do have Birkie Fever. Monday night, I sat down to plot out my training for the next “season” and it extended until the end of February. Normally it ends in October.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that I plan on skiing the race next year, just the trail; Steve has voiced interested in the more relaxed version of the event, earlier in the winter. But I want to get faster, and not just in order to get to the finish before they run out of bratwurst.

Prior to the weekend, I was considering signing up to run Grandma’s Marathon, in Duluth in June. Now, I’m not so sure. Maybe I’ve already proven that my legs can carry me for 26.2 miles (and beyond!), or maybe being out in the woods reminded me how much I like trail running, versus road running. Or perhaps I’m just not interested in the hassle of traveling to race.

Humorously, I’ve set a goal to this year to spend more time doing geeky, indoors, computer and/or knitting needles, stuff. Something will have to give, and I was thinking that it might be my running time. Perhaps I can combine the two, and develop a mobile app for outdoor enthusiasts? More on that, later. Still, I’m looking forward to getting outside for some sun, fun, scenery, and lots of fresh air, and have a few races in my plans.

I’ve discovered a new phenomenon called Day Three Soreness. I shouldn’t be surprised that my feet, up near the toes, are tender after skiing for 7+ hours on my fifth day of classic-style cross-country skiing, this year. However, it’s telling that I discovered this while practicing yoga, last evening (oh, the things you discover in Adho Mukha Svanasana). Telling as that’s one of the things that yoga is good for: finding out what’s going on. It’s also telling as I hadn’t done much yoga since before the race, aside from a few stretches: I have succeeded in resting! To such a degree that I’m a little stiff. Ah well.

Despite the fact that I feel like I skied my butt off, literally, last weekend’s experience compels me to try and improve my diet. I’m a machine that needs proper fuel! Though my husband and I regularly prepare healthy food at home, we do fall victim to dining out or to chips, too often. There is room for improvement. It’s a good thing that he’s planting our garden, this year. Beefsteak and heirloom tomatoes, and peppers, I have missed you!