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So much to do


Walla Walla Walla

Pictured above/at right is stress in a box. If only more stress types were easily solved by a “date of last possible frost,” some dirt, and a little sweat!

There are exactly 15 days left until we can safely plant our tomato seedlings and anything else that’s tender & willing. The tomato plants are now almost footlong serpentine vines, parked on top of our fridge under a grow lamp. Some need to be staked, which is a challenge in a seed starter tray.

Pictured above is the boxful of onion starts that our veg garden buddy Carrie has given us. They are in a similar stage of Need To Get Planted: the next few weeks promise plenty of dirt under the fingernails and time in my Red Ants Pants.

I’m looking forward to helping Steve execute on his veg/herb garden plans, this year. On the menu: 3-4 types of tomatoes, 3 types of peppers, basil, okra, winter squash, lettuces, spinach & kale, a broccoli plant or two, likely some beets and radishes, and now, onions. Plus sunflower.