steve at piano

Play the Building: Lots of Plinking

Play the Building organ

The building is reaching into the organ

Pipes banging: am I in my last apartment?

A crazy-long line behind the organ: No, I’m in line for food in college.

Tubes coming out of the back of an otherwise welcoming, beckoning organ: Resistance is futile. Borg has arrived and has started merging all the instruments (Borg is confused).

Spotlights on various metal objects & their banging apparatuses, high up on the masonry walls: crucifixes for steampunk devotees.

A disproportionately high percentage of young families all wearing brown, ill-fitting clothes: who invited Oliver Twist? Well, it is a former theater space.

Ragamuffin organ team

Ragamuffin organ team

I arrive with a certain … uneasy feeling: the last show we saw here when Theatre de la Jeune Lune was the occupant was Carmen. We had to leave early, because we learned that a small space is not a good space for an opera when you have a headache. In spite of this, we miss Jeune Lune.

Envisioning being here in a week’s time: The next event we’ll attend here is MinneDemo. Geeks & entrepreneurs will be doing dog & pony shows, perhaps with actual dogs and ponies because Powerpoint is against the rules. Vaudeville!

It’s a strange and noisy world. Last evening, Steve and I checked out the David Byrne Playing the Building installation (my experience is described above) on the very last day of its Minneapolis installation.

Afterward, we did what we often do when we are in or near NE Minneapolis: we got some sausages & beer for dinner, this time at New Bohemia. Naturally, the dog I got was … Filipino! And it was full of garlicky sweet goodness. We also enjoyed the fries with mandarin ginger mayo. My Schell’s Fresh Hop Citra Pils was exceptional – I’m not normally a Schell’s fan but this may have converted me.