2013: Things that will stay the same

almond thumbprint cookies

Blackberry-Almond Thumbprint Cookies

  1. Baking and trying new dinner recipes with Steve
  2. Teaching yoga to my most excellent yoga friends at Green Body
  3. …and to my yoga friends at my workplace
  4. “Traveling” in my hometown: checking out new food, art, trails, experiences
  5. Squeezing more vegetables into my diet
  6. Enjoying our still-fairly-newly remodeled basement
  7. Loving huckleberry tea
  8. Now and then, mostly when it’s hot outside, a Nolet’s gin & tonic. Yum. LOVE those botanicals
  9. Loving my husband’s smile and his endless reserve of conversation topics
  10. Talking to my mom, regularly

I can think of at least ten things that qualify as standard, I’m-going-to-change something, new year’s resolutions for me, this year. This post, however, is recognition of the good things I’m already doing & have good reason to maintain. Thanks, Christine, for the idea! It dials in directly to a sankalpa I recently chose – “I am steady.”

It’s also a useful exercise in santosha: acknowledgement & contentment with what’s going on right now with me. This is not to say that life is perfect and there aren’t problems in the world that I can help solve, but … well, I am fortunate, and am doing okay.

What things in your life are worth not giving up in 2013?


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