Manila, live

blues covers in manila
Karaoke Jeepney Stop 3

I do have more to say, and show, about our recent trip to SE Asia, but this pic says a lot, and will need to suffice until I whittle down my 650 or so photos to something easier to view and parse into a few blog posts for you.

Last Thursday evening, our friends in Manila booked a Jeepney, stocked with a karaoke machine and lots of beers. This glittering, rocking Filipino conveyance picked us up at a great pizza joint (Nolita’s), then took us to a few great live music shows. Shown above is a wonderful blues/rock cover man, who at that moment I think was doing a Hendrix song. Please note the rugby jerseys hanging above him: the Handlebar was a biker/rugby bar!


Author: Arah

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