Garlic Soup

Food, glorious food!

We’ve been cooking more. Or, more accurately, Steve has been cooking more. I’ve mainly been sitting more, lately. And swimming.

One especially delicious dish he made this week was from  Plenty cookbook, and it’s pictured above. His modifications: use bottled harissa, add a seedy, add soft whole-grain pita as a side, and add a dollop of not just greek yogurt, but “honey salted caramel” flavored Greek yogurt.

The yogurt was intended to counter any excess heat from the harissa. Additionally, my 3-4th metatarsal stress reaction/fracture diagnosis has signaled to the nearest medical professional that I may need more calcium. So, I’m now gulping calcium-fortified OJ at breakfast and welcoming yogurt to the dinner table.

Of course, the flavors I stocked up on right after my sports medicine appointment were not only high in calcium but also, apparently, sweet. This one worked surprisingly well with the soup, though on its own or even with granola, it’s altogether too sugary. I’ll have to zing it up a bit, next time, maybe with some hot sauce. Maybe some from Isabel Street Heat? One of us sampled the new Fatalii flavor last weekend at the West Side Farmer’s Market. It was BLAZING.

Here’s the soup recipe: Garlic Soup with Harissa.