Elephantitis of the Hosta

hosta plant
Elephantitis of the Hosta

Thus far it’s a most excellent (and very early) year for almost all of the Hosta in my garden. This particular specimen (above-I think it’s “Blue Mammoth”) I’ve had for two years but only this spring is it getting as big as it’s supposed to.

Will it be a White Christmas?

This one – I believe it is Hosta “White Christmas”- is another one Mom gave me 2 seasons ago and it’s really filling out, finally, this spring. It’s in a bed that’s very close to our monster Norway maple, where not all plants have flourished in the past few years (the maple has shallow roots). Based on how well these two hosta are doing there, however, I plan to beef up that bed with a yew, this weekend.

blue iris
Summer Skies

This is the second flowering season for this Siberian Iris “Summer Skies” and already it probably needs to be divided.

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