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Hot summer sun

Saucy!, originally uploaded by arahbahn.

It’s finally acting like summer around here, so hopefully these tomatoes will turn red! I’m a little concerned that their increasing weight will make them fall off the vine. Is that possible? I’m pretty new to tomato-growing. It sure has been fun, watching the flowers, inspecting them daily for more baby tomatoes.

We have a few chili peppers that are ready for harvest, so I suppose I’d better get a meal planned around them. This week we already have a meal planned around the remainder of the green bells that I bought last week at the farmer’s market. You can’t buy just one for a recipe, so I’ll be using four to make a stuffed-pepper recipe, involving rice and Italian sausage.

I recently set myself to a challenge, to make something new, every day. This is in an effort to acknowledge some of the everyday creation I do, as well as an incentive to work on some of my technical web design skills, and to finally work on the more crafty projects that I’ve wanted to do, but keep shelving. I’m tracking these, for now, in the column at right on this page.

Since I’m counting the meals in which I try a new recipe, it’s not quite as daunting as it sounds, as every week I already try one or two new recipes. That said, I have done a few less culinary projects, even in week one. I am hoping to draw these tomatoes, probably using pastels, tonight. We’ll just have to see, if I get to use orange or red! Burn on, hot sun!